1. ScienZe ft J’Von – Georgia state
  2. J’Von feat. Froyo Ma – The Escape From The Evil Queen
  3. SABA – GPS
  4. Skitz – FunGumSong
  5. Solve the problem – Space Jum

A quote I saw a few days ago on Twitter said “Hip hop was never the same when the beat became more important than the lyrics.” Which is a valid statement as we have seen the trap scene booming. Don’t mind that pun as it reflects if you want to “make it” or stand out a hit is needed to give you the attention. Problem is whether you dilute your standard of raps to fit into and be accepted. Not all rappers are standing for that and still believe in the individualism that is hip hop. That defines their music, an extension of themselves rather an extension of what people want. Then will keep jumping on to who is hot after a month or so. Music, especially rap with the magnitude it holds needs to be timeless if not that at least a genre we can always reflect back to. The rappers chosen have their own style as well approach to the genre. And fit into the ideal that current trends or styles don’t always have to be followed to stand out.

  1. Rayvn Lenae – Venezuela trains
  2. Arima Ederra – Crystal blue
  3. Peyton – Unforgettable
  4. V__ – somebody
  5. iindirhe – *rehab taxi trips*

Guys of the new school general of R&B have kind of defined their own sound. One which has been particularly come to definition is Trap soul. Don’t know what Trap soul is? Picture a classic Usher song, talking about him in the rain this time all while being able to do the dab. This genre has been led by the likes of PND, Tory Lanez and Bryson Tiller. Making you wonder if there is still much room for any female artists to fit into this genre. As we all know Women tend to have that bit much soul than me. Now, now I’m not comparing but facts can’t be dismissed. With the new school for ladies they usually still keep to the winning formula. KEEP THE DAM SOUL, with an exception to a few who have become brave enough to expand what R&B for women is. This takes on a different kind of beat selection range. These beats would easily suit rappers yet these girls are still able to capture a person. Put them in their feels, all at the same time not moving away from the title of R&B. There hasn’t been a definition to describe it as yet, it’s probably labelling it as alternative is the safest thing to do. So what Alternative soul? I don’t know, as music is always progressing and so should the artists.   These new age singers are certainly not putting themselves into a box. Maybe we should also open ourselves to what we are being presented with.

  1. Montell2099 – baebae
  2. Monte Booker – New Chapter.
  3. PYRMDPLAZA – Drowning
  4. Mulherin – Take Two.
  5. Sam Gellaitry – Childhood.

The unsung heroes of most of songs but hardly ever get the credit they deserve. Except for a prod by. At the end of a song and it mostly ends there. Unless you are a house-hold do people hardly care who produced the beat. There will always be those people who go “oh my sack this beat is crazy, who is this who is this” get the artists name and leave it at that. Also it never helped when searching for a producer on Soundcloud you wouldn’t find any body of work. Excluding the instrumentals from your favourite song there was no diversity. This changed when producers saw how much people actually would be keen to hearing their beats alone. Beat tapes became serious notions where you had to be making one for your fans. Ta-ku, Sango did well by breaking through this certain kind of sound. The catch was not be to be repetitive in what you have made, as people would not have that great of an interest over something that wouldn’t move them. There is no lyrics so something surely has to give, oh and how the selected producers give.

By: Thube Nkutha




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