What’s Your Vibe?

Often, it’s very easy to say that one is open to all genres of music, especially when your crush asks what type of music you’re into. I will refer to the crush in the feminine gender (i.e. as “she”). Please don’t take offense to this ladies – it is simply for the sake of convenience. Back to the story, now in that moment, there’s two ways you could answer her. The first option you have is to be brutally honest and say I am a hip hop fanatic through and through, for example.

No other genre even gets a listen which sucks when she tells you that she’s into jazz. Then your brownie points are lost ntwana, over some music? Lol it gets that serious, people really do love their music. If anything, it’s one of the greatest extensions you have of yourself (if you aren’t an artist) to have something you can relate with a person, and I’m not saying only artists let their music be an extension of themselves. What you listen to more often than not says a lot about you, so are we going to let music simply define you? (I am side tracking, sorry).

Now the second option you have would be the safer answer, which is to just say “everything.” Now when she starts digging deeper, hai, then she really want to know you. In itself, this isn’t a bad thing as now would be your chance to give your reasons as to why you listen the kind of music that you do.

Why not another genre? My only problem is when people put themselves in a box which really restricts their ears to what’s out there. There’s so much music to be heard, with reason. Usually the unknown is enticing only if you hear what entices you. How will you know if you wouldn’t be moved by it?

Here’s an example, for the hip-hop heads who vibe with “The Recipe” by Kendrick Lamar (ft. Dr. Dre), did y’all know that the hook was sampled from the song “Meet the Frownies” by indie band, Mr Twin Sisters? Kanye West is another great example, the heads would agree that he’s known for his insane sampling game. An all-time favorite of mine, “Through the Wire” which he sampled soul musician Chaka Khan’s “Through the Fire.” The point I’m trying to make is that not even your favorite rapper subjects himself to one genre, they also know that the sounds out of their “box” demand to be heard.

One of my biggest life disappointments is that I will miss out on so much good music (excuse the pun), mainly because there is just so much to be heard. In our local nightlife scene, it’s become a norm with the DJ’s to stick to a repetitive sound which to me kinda feels they’re playing it safe, especially in Jo’burg. I’m not saying commercial music is wrong no, no but there is more to music than just “a banger.” Trap, the illegitimate spawn of hip-hop (as some would say) has become very popular over the past few years, but surely that isn’t all we know. Of course we need a dose of trap in a set, it’s cool to turn up after all but what would be really nice is to hear something different, something new, or the type of music you’d find on your Soundcloud playlists before the expected fire. There are better songs that people want to hear, but it’s always the safe route with those who “bless” us with their set, which they don’t even give us the second verse of our favorite songs.

I and Khanyi, who goes by DJ BASMNT, have compiled a fire playlist that we think would be really dope to hear out at a party. Lol it’s kind of subjective and if you wouldn’t want to hear it out well then fuck it. We threw in a few household names as well with trying to say “hearing this song would have been better than their best hit.” Fine, fine I get we all want to know the songs when are out so we don’t look “bad” for the people next to us but can we not care about that and be moved by music? Take out your phone, Shazam it and keep it moving. Besides, being “that guy” who knows the entire playlist will probably just get you a Noddy badge, and the title of being very festive.

By: Thube Khutha

Download/Stream Our Special Mix HERE


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