The Switch Up

We live in an age where women and men are becoming equals. In homes for example, where the woman becomes the breadwinner of the family. I mean you could even find a man who is a househusband in today’s society, It’s crazy with a dash of amazing as to how much of a shift society has taken. A shift that has slowly been building for a very long time, as women were tired of always sitting back waiting for the man to do this. When women had to hide in the shadow, limiting what they could actually do all to preserve the male ego.

Probably the only exception is music, which sees most male rappers constantly shaming women, ridiculing them to objects of pleasure. I plead guilty, honorable reader, I do lust over these women who show their voluptuous “assets” on the television screen. Not making it right, oh Lord no, with their lyrics of always telling us how much our girlfriends love them and want them (Woah!). Probably isn’t entirely wrong as these men are idolized by many, their music somewhat inspiring a domino effect as to how society tends to see and treat women.

Seeing men not wanting to commit to relationships because favorite rappers are moving from one girl to the next, snorting cocaine on one body, whilst doing body shots on another. Creating this fantasy of adultery, being very attractive to the eye. Throwing money in the faces of women making them “work” for it. I mean it happens on the TV screen, why can’t life be what we constantly see with those who we get inspiration from? One would assume women would sit down and be okay with what is displayed. That is very incorrect.

Seeing how a few female artists have shown us that women do have a voice of their own. To an extent they make music that empowers women to be comfortable with their bodies and controlling of them. Fine, there is a lot of slander as to how these women go about it. Dislike (these very much misogynistic guys are) labelling this level of empowerment as “Thot music” to tell women that they must hoe (relative meaning) around, as if rappers preach about commitment.

Double standards at their best. These women go on revealing their relations with guys, how they usually play with guys emotions. Giving clearance as to how guys actually are, with no shame. Singing about how someone slept on them before they “popped,” a guy who cheated and needs to leave them, how guys only want to be the man they should have always been only after being caught (Basically asking for love back) Any slander that comes the way to these women honestly isn’t warranted, seeing as they give light as to what actually happens in most women’s lives.

These women who might be seen to “force” women to not want to settle on anything life presents to them. Doing this is probably done within reason, seeing as they have settled and it came back against them. Settled for what you may ask? Only having a few voices speak on the different experiences on what they have been through with men. Settling for seeing how some women are being treated by rappers, without truly building themselves, settling for being pretty faces. These women might be saying ladies be “free” but who says women shouldn’t be free to make choices of their own. To see their true worth, going for more. Without restriction(s) from society telling them women should act like this, and behave this way.

To an extent these singers/rappers are breaking down the barriers of music. We see a change in guys willing to listen to what a female artist would say. Fine it could be a cheat in knowing about the game (from a women’s view), what women truly say about men. Can it be clarified that I’m not saying all male rappers shame women or are very misogynistic in their music. I am not saying that all nouveau female singers/rappers show how guys ain’t shit. I am saying that the double standards of music have an even playing ground. Not making double standards okay at any point, more that women aren’t settling for what is presented to them anymore or what is being said about them. They have a voice and it’s going to keep getting louder.

By: Thube Nkutha


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