Sixty vs 40

I did a poll on Twitter asking “Does music help with your mood” more than 60% of people had agreed stating yes it does improve their moods. The other 40% replied to the me saying “it doesn’t really matter” which to the 60% music actually does matter to them and their moods. Reason why I posed the question was to gauge the full extent of the power of music, we are all moved by it and can’t deny its effect on our moods at the certain point, and each person is affected by a certain kind of song differently. Example, we are on our way to the club everyone in the car is inebriated (excluding the driver because responsible drinking, come on) the passenger grabs the Aux plays ‘Tame impala – Be above it’ not a bad song to play at all but the entire back seat will throw a fit saying “dude it’s not the time for this”. What the example shows is different types of music suit different situations. Yet a personal introspection is about what exactly does the music for you, depending on the timing of it in your life.


You look at when someone goes through a break up(cliché I know but it has to be done) that person isn’t exactly playing music they can turn up to unless they want to Milly Rock their chest pains away then they probably fit into the 40% of people. Whilst a 60 percenter (making up a word but it works) will rather find themselves playing music they can resonate to this being “Sad” music for sad people. The question poses itself as to what role music plays in people’s lives and how far it can alter ones mood, it could give someone a breakthrough moment in finally realizing how badly they had been treated before, from a single line that evokes a memory. We see the importance of music in our daily lives waking up going to gym, school, and work. We all have our set playlist for that walk/ride to work and school that fire playlist to keep you amped at gym this of course refers to the people appreciate the music now these damn 40 percenters.

Now we go into the other side of music, the artist who makes the music for the 60 percenters. See the difference between the artist and the audience is; one is giving off themselves and gaining the something from the way people respond to their music. Whereas the audience absorbs and critics their work whether they enjoy it or raid the YouTube comments section with hate is all subjective. What we as the audience don’t understand is how strenuous it is for them to constantly feed the audience by giving themselves to people, their stories. Make someone get over a heartbreak, make someone fall in love, make someone finally pay their taxes and all other effects music has without the artists feeling it is anyway reciprocated in anyway excluding admiration for their work.  Not saying that these artists don’t get any sort of satisfaction in their artistry, no I can’t say that as if these people are my friends.

It’s through observation; where you find artists going the extra mile to always produce quality music that gives from their own experience to better someone else’s. Basically always needing to live exciting lives and to an extent creating when they can’t create the way they used to. Some artists find the use of drugs to supply their creativity because of the pressure of “owing” your fans music.


What happens when you have nothing to offer and fear people will get used to something and move on? How exhausting does it have to be being a renowned artist who can’t be consistent? Who deals with the pressure of always being required to serve not only your own musical satisfactions but those who use music as their own personal drug? Artists are being required to give a service basically to “give people what they need” the depressed folk need the music which gets them through each day. The happy folk need music that can always give them their glee to stride confidently during the day. Each musical faction requires something and what about what the artists require? Is it enough to keep them going and not resort to other measures to ensure that people come before their own needs?

As fans we put so much pressure on artists and forget how their music helps with our mood for the duration of the album(s) when the record stops playing our lives continue. Music is an important element in our lives and so are our artists, let’s treasure them and their importance without constantly being in their throats for us to get by while they suffer in silence.

By: Thube Nkutha (@TwoBear_)


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