Superbalist Weekender By a Carefree Black Boy.

To start this article off, it is important to state I will be giving a summary over an event which happened across 3 days so do bear with me if it does not depict or evoke the emotional response you felt on the different days. If you have no idea what I am referring to, oh do I have a story to tell you. Okay let me give early context, a few months ago Superbalist announced there were going to have a festival in Johannesburg, yes an entire festival in Johannesburg. Honestly I was curious as to how it was going to happen especially considering the fact that Jo’burg was not known for housing large festivals like Rocking the Daises or OppiKoppi. Would Jo’burg people be keen for something like that anyway? Is an important question. The initial answer was no but when it was announced, it would be a 3 day event at different venues; The And club, Braam Beach Party (both in Newtown) and the main event that had headline acts Mac Miller and Foster the people in Emmarentia Dam. People seemed interested and so was I. Let me try taking you through a journey of a carefree black boy doing his first “Festival.”


And club, known being for white people because of the music they played (Deep techno or something like that). My friends and I tried to have a positive attitude purely because we paid for this festival and had no choice but to enjoy. In the Uber going there, music was playing on the radio and my one friend Thabani said “This is the last time we will hear this kind of music, enjoy it while you can.” Entering the club we were met by a plethora of white people, it felt like being in Cape Town and with each stare you get the feeling of not being wanted envelopes you. To be honest I would not have been surprised if we were with people who voted “Yes” for Wits to open. Assessing the place moving around, we always smiled when we saw our fellow black person. Issue with that was 90% of them had relaxed their hair so they basically weren’t one of us. There were two dance floors, one of them played Deep techno which seemed to get people dancing granted it was one directional movement but the music seemed to be felt by the audience, it was strange to see honestly. It was as if the crowed was drugged (take it as you want) or in a trance. The music itself had no vibe or rhythm to it even if you have a little groove in your boots you wouldn’t groove. I can admit that it was a little pleasing and funny at the same time seeing people try dance to it (NO NAMES WILL BE MENTIONED). Overall analysis; if the clubs has the name & (AND) maybe you aren’t the “target market.”


Next day was the UntilUntil event and man did I wish it continued, until… The rain did not almost ruin everything. Okay, I may have skipped a considerable amount of information didn’t I? Apologies, I go by the name of Thube and this is my journey of another day being at a festival as a carefree black boy. The day started out with everyone being excited for the Braam Beach Party that was set up in such a way that it would actually feel like you’re at the beach, dude I kid you not dude. Everyone comes in their shorts and beach attire (but not really everyone because it is still Jo’burg, I can and will dress how I want). Fine, the vibes immediately upon arrival were strong, my friends and I fit in a lot better because we see a lot more welcoming and familiar faces. In other words: there were more black people.

Everything was going well, there was actual beach sand so there was an authentic feel. The acts which came on were nothing short of amazing. The DJ’s took a different approach with their sets from DJ Capital playing with a drummer, Atjazz brought out a guitarist who hit those riffs perfectly when ‘moments’ came on, during the set it started to drizzle making it feel like everything happens for a reason. After the set it rain and poured, people tried to resist it at first but when you are dressed as if you should be in the beach but with no ocean in sight and you are wet. It isn’t really desirable to be within rain at all. Leading people to run and look for any bit of shelter be it a tent of sorts, someone’s partner, your partner, you know whatever works. The rain calms down and the music is keeping people warm and things seem fine, until it rains again and now you have zero fucks to give because MAYO by DJ Speedsta plays in the background making it feel that everything will be alright. Partying in the rain feeling like it is an early 2000 R&B classic music video. Performances come on and King Kotini (Ricky Rick) gives a performance with so much passion you want to applaud at the end and give him a standing ovation and encore for the culture. AKA is the headline that does not perform like he used to. There was a point in time when there was far too much auto-tune and less rapping in his performances, at this point you are too cold to stay, decide to request an Uber and call it a goodnight.


It is the main event. It is the day everyone was waiting for, the day of Mac Miller and Foster the People. The journey continues and it is still brought to you by a carefree black boy who loves his mom. Event starts at 10am (Lol I know right?) so my friends and I are lax about it and take our time, considering the night before you decide to have an outfit which can work if it is hot or a bit nippy either way you are safe. Friends assemble and we request the Uber. The vibes are strong en route, there are discussions on what Mac will perform. We each say which songs we would like to hear (I wanted, I’m Not Real). Arrive at the venue and it is too hot and it hits me that I wore too much clothes anyway. Time for refreshments and there are so many white people again, (what is happening??). Then it hits you that the entire roster of performers is white, you keep it moving and find a decent spot upfront to be in good view of Mac. There is a weird artist by the name of BeardyMan performing and everyone is confused but you enjoy because you paid for this. With each song you are getting more impatient waiting for Mac, the sun is beaming and it was as if the DA told the sun to be perfect on the day as there would be more white people than blacks. You don’t let it get to you because… it’s Mac bro. There is the set up and it is finally happening you are going to see the artist who gave you Blue slide-park and is your generations Eminem, I mean that in a sense of white people are happy to have another dope rapper they can relate to before I am scolded.


Photo Cred: @LydieByart_

Cinderella drops and the crowd is singing line for line, louder and louder waiting for Mac to appear. Mac comes out in a hoodie and Shorts, sees the crowd and is stunned takes it all in and gives us an amazing performance. Everyone and I mean everyone lost their shit when ROME came on, the performance had his classics and best songs from the new album. He gets off the stage, people call for an encore, calling to no avail. Yes we saw Mac but we did not get him for the duration we wanted, call it selfish but I call it being a fan. Mans did not even perform past an hour, reason was firstly the event ended at 6pm, secondly Foster the people were coming on. If you played FIFA growing up you will have heard a few of their songs.


Photo Cred: @LydieByart_

It took them about 30-45 minutes to set up, in between people were losing their minds from the Mac Miller performance, my friends wanted to leave which they couldn’t because I have seen enough movies where black people get left alone with white people… they do drugs (You thought worse things didn’t you? shame just shame on you). Foster the people come out dressed in all white looking like they were about to kill someone, hate to be cliché but their performance was killed. The instruments made their songs come to life or LIVE seeing them LIVE was a threat. We were spoiled with exclusive songs, and then we were sent off with their classic Pumped up Kicks. It was time to go home and take in the entire weekend in. The important lesson of the weekend was never wait too long to leave because when you are around white people get ready for a X3.6 Uber surge. This is a journey brought to you by a carefree black boy.

By: Thube Nkutha


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